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General waste bin is stored under the Kitchen sink.  You'll find recycling storage in the cupboard under the stairs. 

Household items are mainly located in the cupboard under the stairs - including laundry baskets, iron and ironing board, high chair and stair gate.  A second stairgate is located under the double bed in the family room - this best spans the gap diagonally between the end banister posts on both sides of the stairs. 

Games and books can be found on the console table and reading nook shelves in the living room and kids books are found on the shelves in the den.

There are a number of sets of fairy lights in the house controlled by remote control!

The set in the living room work when the remote is directed at the left hand side of the mantle piece shelf.


The set on the shelf in the family room work when the remote is directed at the beam above the shelf.


The LED strip lights in the reading den work when the remote is directed towards the top right hand side of the den wall above the right hand single bed.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all fairy lights and LED lights come with flash functions, which may affect those with light strobe sensitive disorders.  We recommend that children are not allowed to control these without supervison.

How does this work?

Boiler/ Heating - The combi boiler is in the wall cabinet to the right of the sink. To instantly turn the heating on, move the click switch in the centre of the clock dial to permenantly on. To set the heating to come on at particular times, move the click switch to the clock symbol and click the incremental time pegs around the clock dial to on or off for your desired times.


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